May 27th. We can now confirm that courts will be available for play starting Monday 1st June. There will be significant restrictions on use, in line with Government and CA guidelines. 

Please look here for guidance on how to book and use the courts. The normal weekly schedule as outline below is NOT operating.

Weekly Schedule

Lawns may be booked for Free Play sessions unless they are in use for Tournaments or other club events. For details of these see the Events Diary.
Please make your booking in the diary located in the kitchen. Please do not book lawns more then 2 weeks in advance.

Club roll up sessions are AC: 10-11.45am, 12-1.45pm, 2-3.45pm, 4-6pm.
GC: 10 – 10.45 am; 11 – 11.40 am; 11.45 am – 12.25 pm
Draw takes place 5 minutes before start, and play ends immediately on the whistle, but remember help is always needed to set up the lawns