Purley Bury is very keen to encourage more members to join and to learn the game of croquet and over the winter we have been growing our coaching team Four new coaches Carol, David, Val and Terry are being trained in April who will join our experienced head coaches Jan and Chris

The Club has coaching sessions throughout the season and  the coaches are always willing to help on a one to one basis.

Prospective members are offered to attend on of our  free taster sessions.


Our coaching team will offer beginners a series of one to one or group coaching sessions . At these fun sessions you will learn the basis shots of the game, how to score hoops , tactics and the basic rules. You will quickly be able to join in our club sessions. All beginners will be given a mentor in the club who will guide your learning and be a friendly ear to talk to.  A mentor is a coach or an experienced player who can help you on your learning journey. We understand that whilst it is great fun learning a new sport it can also be frustrating and the mentor can help you overcome these frustrations quickly and learn quickly.


Developing as a player

The club offers a number of ways to develop you as a player if you want to improve your game .

Our 6 Club coaches will continue to offer you advice and guidance and coaching. We have books that you can borrow and we can recommend on line tutorials that you can look at to develop your game. From time to time tutorials are run by John on Friday lunchtimes on aspects of the game.

Players are encouraged to go on courses that are run at Southwick by the Croquet Academy and offer an excellent way to develop your game. You will be encouraged to enter internal club tournaments that will give you greater experience of match conditions.

As you develop you may be able to play for the club in matches against other clubs and enter external tournaments. Your mentor can help you with this.

Sessions when players of all abilities meet for friendly games are scheduled during the week and beginners are encouraged to join in with the help of more experienced players