Internal Competitions

One day Competitions

Tankard,  Sat 25th May, GC handicap singles. Manager Audrey. Fee £5.0. Won by Ron.

Rose Bowl,  Sat 22nd June.  AC 14 point handicap singles. Preference will be given to the 8 lowest handicaps entering. Manager John Daniels. Fee £5.0.  Won by John Daniels.

Christie Salvers,  27th Aug. GC Doubles. Won by Carol and Ann Mac 

Golf Competitions

GC Handicap Singles, American block format, 13 point game with 50 min time limit. Manager Val. Semi finals Daphney v Val 7-4. Terry v Jocelyn 7-6. Final Daphney v Terry. Won by Terry 7-6.

Barrell Tournment :knock out,best of three 13 point games with 50 mins time limit. Won by Val.

GC Handicap Doubles,  American block format. Partners will be drawn. 13 point game with 50 mins time limit. Manager Val. Won by  Jo & Ann Mc D.

GC Singles knockout. Level play (no bisques). Best of three 13 point games with 50 mins time limit per game. Manager Val.      Won by Irmgard.

Association Competitions


AC Singles, American Block format, any handicap playing of base 10, 18 point game starting hoop 1, second ball going to hoop 3 back.  2 hours.  Manager Jan.  Semi Finals John G  v Carol 18-7.  David v Margaret 18 -15, Final David v John G, won by John G 13-8. 

 AC Doubles, American block format, any handicap playing alternate strokes. Partners will be drawn. 18 point game starting hoop 5. 2 Hours.  Manager Val. Won by Audrey & David.

AC Advanced

American block format and play off final or at Manager’s discretion. 26 point, 3 hour time limit. Manager  John Daniels.      Won by John Daniels.