League Matches

AC League Matches 2022

B League

Saturday 14th May Home v Tonbridge Wells, Win to Purley Bury 5-1

Saturday 21st May Away v Caterham, win to Caterham 5-1

Tuesday 21st June Away v Dulwich

Saturday 16th July Home v Surbiton

U League

Thursday 28th July Home V Guildford & Godalming

Saturday 6th Aug Home v Medway

GC Handicap league

Friday 1st July v Cheam away

Tuesday June 21 Home v Ramsgate

Tuesday 19th July Home v Surbiton

Thursday 28th July Away v Roehampton

GC Level League

Friendly Matches

Thursday June 30th
Thursday July 14th

Notices will be displayed at the club, those members interested please enter your name and you will contacted by the club organizer.