League Matches

AC League Matches

B League Away v Ember CC 30th May.
Team: Pauline Davey (Capt) David Hizzey, Irmgard Tonolo, Stephen Wingrove . Result: Ember won by 2 games to 1.

B league Away v Merton July 26th. Team: Audrey (Capt), Ron, Irmgard & Carol.Result : Merton won by 3 games to 0.

B league Home V Surbiton Sept 9th. Team: David(Capt) Irmgard Jocelyn Stephen . Result: PB won by 2 games to 1.

B league Home V Medway CC 14th Sept . Team: John G (Capt) Valerie Clive Carol . Cancelled by Medway.

U league
home v Hampstead May 11th. Organiser : John Greenacombe . Team : Jan Overell (capt), Penny Hinton, David Hizzey, Audrey Sherwin
Result: Hampstead won by 6 games to 1.

U League away v Canterbury Thursday 6th June, Organiser : John Greenacombe . Team : Jan Overell (capt); Penny Hinton, Irmgard Tonolo and Jocelyn Wootton. Result Canterbury won 6-1.

U League home v Caterham 29th Jun . Team: Penny Hinton(Capt); Audrey Sherwin; David Hizzey; Irmgard Tonolo . Result Caterham won 4 games to3.

U League away v Sussex County 19th Aug. Team: Pauline Davey( Capt), David Hizzey, Irmgard Tonolo, John Greenacombe. Result : Sussex won by 6 games to 1.

GC Handicap league

Home v Cheam June 10th : Result Cheam won 6-3

Away V Caterham July 11th: Result PBCC won 5-4

Home v Reigate-A August 13 : Result Reigate won 5-4.

Away v Dulwich-B   August 23: Result PBCC won 5-4.

GC Level League

Away  v Surbiton  June 20th : Result Surbiton Won 7-0

Home v Compton June 25th: Result Compton won 7 games to 1

Home v  Sussex County   July 22: Result Sussex won 7 games to 0

Away v Littlehampton August 20th : Result Littlehampton won 7 games to 0

Friendly Matches

Wimbledon August 9th (GC) Result, Wimbledon won 9 games to 3.
Away v Hayes July 1st. (AC & GC) . Result: AC 1-1. GC PBC won 3, lost 2 , drew 1.

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